Welcome to the 2015 basketball credentialing system for ESPN EVENTS. Please review the policies outlined below, then click on the appropriate link at the bottom to be forwarded to the event you wish to be considered for credentials. There will be a link to return to this page at the end of the process so you may request for other events. This system should be utilized for all media credentialing requests including all media outlets, school radio rights holders and scouts.


All media requests for working credentials must be made via on-line request. The credentials will be for working staffers and only those persons possessing valid working credentials will be allowed to occupy space in any working area or attend post-game interviews. No spouses or children will be allowed in any area.

Media Seating will be assigned in different locations and depends on each basketball event. Media will receive their seat assignments upon arrival each day. Updates on stats will be distributed continuously during each game.

There will be limited hospitality at each of the basketball events. Due to the long days, all media personnel should make appropriate arrangements for food and beverage.


NBA scouts and representatives from other scouting services need to apply for credentials and follow the online media request process as directed below. Due to space restrictions scouts will not be allowed to sit at press row and will instead be assigned a designated seating section once all requests have been received as of the deadline noted for each event.

Scouting requests will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each NBA team will be guaranteed one spot prior to issuing multiple credentials to any team.

Official Radio Rights Holders

One ISDN line and two POTS lines will be provided to each institution or official radio rights holder for their radio broadcasting needs. Each institution or rights holder will be allowed to broadcast their teams respective games without paying a rights fee, but will be required to pay an installation charge for the phone and ISDN line before phone numbers will be assigned. Once payment confirmation has been received broadcast phone numbers will be assigned and distributed. Each institution or rights holder will be assigned three seats on the press row table across from the scorer's table. Please note that installation charges may vary from event to event based on individual market rates.

Credential Policy

Credentials will be issued to accredited sportswriters of daily newspapers, major magazines, television stations and full-time radio sports-talk hosts. The official web site of the home and visiting schools will be credentialed. Other web sites will not be credentialed unless they meet specifications outlined below:

  1. Must be a legal corporate entity that has been in business for at least one full calendar year and has provided coverage of one of the teams in the requested tournament for at least one year.
  2. Must travel to and cover other basketball away games and all major post-season events involving one of the teams in the requested tournament. No online service will be allowed "real time" transmission of any game during the requested tournament.

For further information or if you have any questions regarding media services for the any of the tournaments below, please contact the media director (information on the confirmation page and email following the request process).

Credential Application

Event Name Open Date Close Date